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I provide Nutritional advice and Allergy Testing service, based on the philosophy of nutritional healing in the Bristol, Clifton and Bath areas. Nutritional healing works with your diet and lifestyle to bring about a therapeutic change within you.

It can be a very powerful tool in enhancing health and happiness, food nutrition can have a huge impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Nutritional healing also includes purposeful supplementation and appropriate naturopathic techniques.

Nutritional healing works because "we work with the body, not against it. As Nutritional healing brings together old truths and ancient wisdom in order to understand the body and spirit in a new way, it is both a wonderful art and a fascinating science" (Diploma in Holistic Nutritional Practice)

Introducing the principles of nutritional healing into your lifestyle means you can experience one or more of the following:

Have you considered Allergy Testing to improve your health??
Visit Feelgoodagain Allergy Test Website

I offer a fully mobile Nutritionist service and can travel to your location

When you need a Nutritionist, Bristol area
PLEASE EMAIL ME IN BRISTOL AND CLIFTON: info@nutritionist-bristol.co.uk

Physical benefits:
. Successful weight loss
. Relief from indigestion and IBS
. Increased energy and weightloss
. Clearer skin
. Relief from ailments
. Successful management of allergies and intolerances
. Release from addictions
. Correction of vitamin, mineral or macronutrient deficiencies
. Detoxification
. Enhanced immunity
. Increased mobility

Emotional benefits:
. Happier moods
. Less stress
. Freedom from comfort eating, binge eating, yo-yo dieting and feelings of deprivation
. Greater feelings of peace and wellbeing
. Reconnection with yourself
. Bristol and Clifton's most complete, affordable and personalized health service

Please Email Me in Bristol: info@nutritionist-bristol

St Brandons House
29 Great George Street,


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