What does this involve?

Private sessions are an opportunity for you and I to work on a 1-2-1 basis. Through these sessions you can learn more about your health, how to tailor your diet for the best health you can achieve and how nutritional healing can work for you

You receive a personal nutrition plan, advice on what supplements to take and also some naturopathic techniques. You are fully supported as you begin to make changes and work towards your goals.

Who can benefit from private nutrition sessions?

. Do you have a health issue that is affecting the quality of your life?
. Are you tired of trying to shift some stubborn body fat that just wont budge?
. Do you feel run down?
. Do you seem to catch every bug that goes around?
. Are you sad, depressed, moody or emotional?
. Do you want to be and feel healthier but don't know where to start?
. Are you confused about what's the best diet for you?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you could benefit from a private 1-2-1 nutrition session.

How do I know private sessions are right for me?

I offer everyone a free, no-obligation 20 minute chat to discuss how private nutrition sessions can work for you.

Cost: 65 for the first session and 40 for follow-up sessions

How do I get started?

Contact me for more information and to book your sessions.